Eco-friendly fabrics for advertising and decoration

EverGreen Certifications

EverGreen Certifications

A recognized and validated ecological approach

The environmental advantages validated by the L.C.A. (Life Cycle Assessment)

The environmental advantages of EverGreen Fabrics have been validated by the L.C.A. Life Cycle Assessment), norm ISO 14 040 – 14 044. This assessment analyses the impact of EverGreen Fabrics throughout their life cycle from design to destruction including manufacturing, distribution, and use. This L.C.A. was carried out by independent experts. 

Life Cycle Analysis

The L.C.A. shows that the main environmental impact (78%) comes from the formulation stage, extraction of raw materials and their transformation (coloured brown in the charts). This reinforces and proves the ecological advantages of EverGreen Fabrics with their water-based formulations free from PVC, phtalates, formaldehyde, phosphates and glycol-ether. 

This reduces the average impact on the environment from 45 to 49% to an equivalent PVC fabric. The 4 lifecycle stages :

FORMULATION : includes chemical and textile raw material information from our suppliers (resource extraction, creation of chemical molecules, yarns, base cloths, transport...)

PRODUCTION : includes all stagesduring manufacturing and packaging within Dickson Coatings

USE : includes transport and production life with the customer

END OF LIFE : including product disposal , 50% landfill and 50% incineration



Comparative LCA study of 2 fabrics for the same application
• EverGreen Jet Tex vs. PVC frontlit flame retardant
• EverGreen Jet 250 vs. PVC frontlit

Non renewable energy sources : including energy consumption (oil, gas, coal, uranium...) combustible or electricity as well as energies necessary for extraction, transport and refining of these energy sources.

Carbon Footprint : covers all emissions (CO2, CFC, methane...) contributing to climate change.

Human Health : considers all emissions in the air and water impacting on health (toxic substances, ionizing radiation, ozone layer destruction...) 

Quality of eco-systems : Considers all emissions into the soil and water impacting on the eco-system (eco-toxicity, eutrophication, acidification...) 

  EverGreen Fabrics certified by the Oeko-Tex label This label certifies that the fabrics do not contain any toxic substances and do not present any risks to human health and skin.
  EverGreen Fabrics are certified non toxic by inhalation: This label tests fabrics for VOC emissions according to the requirements of the legislation concerning the labelling of construction products or coverings of walls on their emissions of volatiles pollutants with 4 levels from A+ (low emissions) to C (strong emissions)
  EverGreen Fabrics are respecting the REACH norm. Reach is the European norm for the registration, the evaluation, the authorisation and the restriction of chemical substances. Reach : Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Today, any chemical substance produced in – or imported into – Europe must be registered evaluated and authorized. Its use may be restricted, or even prohibited. The target of this norm is to optimise the protection of human health and environment This is a continual process for improvement. Today, all the chemical products used by Dickson Coatings to manufacture the EverGreen Fabrics do not contain any substances that are unauthorized.
  EverGreen Fabrics, products manufactured in France All the EverGreen Fabrics are entirely manufactured in France in the plant of Dickson Coatings in La Tour du Pin. In this way, we can guarantee controlled and precise production, responsible working conditions and product quality.
  Dickson Coatings is ISO 14001 certified. The ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management. It is based on the principle of constant improvement of the environmental performance by controlling the impacts associated with the activity of the company.