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The EverGreen range offers 2 fabrics that can be used as canvas for the reproduction of paintings and pictures: “Jet Tex“ and “Jet Tex Design“

Flexible and Light fabric

“Jet Tex“ and “Jet Tex Design“ are light and stretchable;  they can easily be stretched over all types of frames.

Flame-resistant fabric

“Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” meet the most stringent flame resistant specifications worldwide and thus comply with laws governing indoor decoration of public or private spaces.

Glare free materials

“Jet Tex“ and “Jet Tex Design“ offer excellent printability using any digital printing technology on the market (solvent / eco-solvent / UV and Latex inks). Its grain and finish create a mat, satin finish. Colours are bright and clear with no reflection or glare that would disrupt the printed image.

Aesthetic textiles 

With “Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” you can choose between 4 types of finishes.  It opens the door to all manner of creative design.

  • Finish with a natural aspect
  • Finish with a leather effect
  • Finish with a snake skin effect
  • Finish with a turtle skin effect

A printable canvas in wide width

The “Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” fabrics are available in a wide range of widths of up to 3.10m, which enables the creation of any kind of format, thus avoiding material wastage.