Eco-friendly fabrics for advertising and decoration



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The EverGreen range offers a wide choice of textiles for modular exhibition systems like displays and roll-ups with the references Jet Up and Jet Up BC.        

Lightweight Textiles

Lightweight fabrics from 280g/m² (8 oz/yd²) to 330 g/m² (11 oz/yd²) for easy handling, transport, mounting and storage.

Curl-free Textiles

Some EverGreen Fabrics are certified « curl-free », which guarantees perfectly flat canvas.

Flame retardant Textiles

The references  Jet Tex and Jet Up BC are fire resistant to the most stringent international standards thus meeting the safety regulations for public places.  

Glare-free Textiles

Thanks to their texture, EverGreen Fabrics have a satin mat finish. Colours are vibrant and vivid but without glare or mirror effect.