Eco-friendly fabrics for advertising and decoration



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EverGreen Fabrics are offering a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics perfectly suitable for signage in shops, exhibitions, museums etc.

Flame retardant Textiles

Highly flame retardant fabrics meeting the most stringent safety regulations for public places.

Lightweight and supple Textiles

Wide choice of lightweight and flexible fabrics from 280g/m² (8 oz/yd²) to 290 g/m² (9 oz/yd²) for an easy handling and mounting.

Glare-free Textiles

EverGreen Fabrics can be printed easily on any digital printing machine using solvent, Eco-solvent, UV or Latex inks existing on the market. Thanks to their grain and finish, EverGreen Fabrics  have a slightly satin mat finish. Colours are vibrant and vivid but without glare or mirror effect that might affect the text.

"Curl free" textiles

Most EverGreen fabrics are 'curl free' certified which means they hang straight without curling at the edges.


Blackout Textile


It is possible to use a blackout fabric so that your communication remains visible in strong sunlight.