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The EverGreen Fabrics range offers the ideal fabric for posters in rolling billboards: Jet Scroll.

A thin and lightweight fabric

Jet Scroll is a thin (0,26mm) and lightweight fabric (180 g/m²), ideal for scrollers. As more posters can be incorporated in the scroller, advertising profitability is optimized. The fabric is easy to transport and install, thus reducing cost.

An extremely resistant fabric to tearing

The base cloth of Jet Scroll is made of high tenacity polyester giving excellent tear resistance. Jet Scroll can be used both for short and long term (up to one year) applications.

An extremely resistant fabric to harsh weather conditions

Jet Scroll supports very high and low temperatures, plus high humidity. It is safe and reliable for long term advertising.

An eco-friendly fabric

Jet Scroll is a “green” fabric of Dickson’s environmentally-friendly EverGreen Fabrics range. It is certified PVC free / Phtalate free / Formaldehyde free / Phosphate free and without glycolether. After use, it can be locally incinerated or buried. Jet Scroll is the ideal solution to realize your advertising campaigns using environmentally-friendly materials.

A printable fabric in wide width

Jet Scroll is available in 3.15m wide so that you can make posters in one piece without joins. It is usable with all scrolling machines from 8m² to 18 m².  Lightweight, eco-friendly and printable without joins, Jet Scroll is the ideal solution for scrollers.