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​Something new in the world of decoration with the EverGreen Fabrics: Jet Tex and Jet Tex Design. Jet Tex and Jet Tex Design represent an eco-friendly alternative to the materials traditionally used in the interior design markets. They represent the ideal fabrics for the wall covering market.

Versatile materials for the wall decoration market

“Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” are suitable for covering walls. They can either be stretched over a frame or pasted on like a wall paper. “Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” are often used like this to decorate restaurants, shops, offices, public places (schools, canteens,hospitals …) and to personalize the decoration of private homes.

Highly fireproof textiles

“Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” comply with the strictest fireproof criteria in the world. 

Glare free materials

Jet Tex and Jet Tex Design offer excellent printability using any digital printing technology on the market (solvent /eco-solvent / UV and Latex inks). Their grain and finish create a mat, satin look. Colours are bright and clear with no reflection or glare to obscure the wall decoration.

Aesthetic textiles

With the “Jet Tex” and “Jet Tex Design” it is possible to choose from 4 types of finishes. 

  • Finish with a natural aspect
  • Finish with leather effect
  • Finish with snake skin effect
  • Finish with turtle skin effect

A printable fabric in wide width

Jet Tex fabric is available in widths of up to 3.10m to provide wall decoration without joins.