Eco-friendly fabrics for advertising and decoration


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​The EverGreen range offers many solutions for the layout and decoration of stands, museums and show-rooms with the fabrics Jet Tex / Jet Up / Jet 210 and Jet Tex Design.

Flame retardant textiles

Flame retardant fabrics conforming to the highest international standards thus complying with the safety regulations for public places.

Lightweight textiles

Ultra-light textiles from 280g/m² (8 oz/yd²) to 290 g/m² (9 oz/yd²) ensuring easy handling, transport, installation and storage.

Glare-free textiles

EverGreen Fabrics can easily be printed with any digital printing machine working with solvent, eco-solvent, UV or Latex inks. A satin effect is obtained from the texture and finish of EverGreen Fabrics. Colours are bright and vibrant but glare-free so that nothing distorts the perception of the image or text. Spotlights and other strong lighting are not a problem for EverGreen Fabrics.

« curl free » textiles

Several EverGreen fabrics are « curl free »certified which ensure that they hang straight. 

Aesthetic textiles

The EverGreen Fabrics range offers a wide range of textiles with different aspects:

Textiles embossed with 3 types of finishes: leather effect / snake effect / turtle effect 

Textiles with a natural aspect and different textures

Blackout textile: No transparency

A printable wide width fabric 

EverGreen fabrics are available in widths of up to 3.10m for large single piece formats without joins.