Eco-friendly fabrics for advertising and decoration

The EverGreen Philosophy

The EverGreen Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Think and Act for a Sustainable Future

EverGreen Fabrics are the result of an active commitment by the manufacturer Dickson Coatings, to respecting people and their environment. Dickson Coatings is a technical textiles manufacturer located at La Tour de Pin, in France, which produces a wide choice of PVC coated banners for the graphic market. These banners are printed for  advertising and other communication applications.

Knowing that most markets are for short term applications, the characteristics of PVC coated fabrics were not adapted to the technical requirements and the environmental record was poor.  As a result, Dickson Coatings started the EverGreen Fabrics Programme with eco-design as a cornerstone in 2003.

Eco-design approach

EverGreen Fabrics’ eco-friendly approach reduces the environmental impact during the life cycle, from product design right through to destruction.

In concrete terms, this means: 


  • Design: fabric design and formulation to protect natural resources
  • Production: methods and process to reduce energy consumption
  • Packaging: material to facilitate recycling
  • Use: VOC free production to reduce air pollution
  • End of life: local methods of destruction after use to minimise transport


EverGreen Fabrics consist of polyester yarns and water-based coatings. 

They are systematically certified free from: